What Is Roadside Assistance Cover In Motor Insurance?

What Does Car Insurance’s Roadside Assistance Coverage Entail?

A car owner can find much-needed relief with Roadside Assistance (RSA) coverage if their car breaks down or experiences a mechanical issue while driving or at home. Being stranded in an unknown location without access to a mechanic can be quite frustrating.

This protection is provided by some motor insurance companies as a standard feature of the comprehensive auto insurance policy. Others provide it as a premium add-on insurance plan that the automobile owner can choose when he or she buys car insurance online.

Roadside Help Service Coverage

The following are only a few of the occurrences that the Roadside Help programme covers when you buy car insurance online:

  • Mechanical or electrical failure – If the car breaks down at home or while driving, the insurer will arrange for a mechanic to fix it there. The technician will help the automobile owner with minor electrical or mechanical repairs, a battery jump-start, the replacement of a flat tyre and other services. The collection and delivery of spare keys will also be offered if the automobile owner has locked themselves out of the vehicle.
  • Towing – If the covered vehicle is in an accident, the insurance provider will arrange to have it safely towed to a network garage or authorised service facility nearby.
  • Fuel delivery – The insurer will arrange for up to 5 litres of fuel to be delivered to the insured vehicle if it runs out of fuel. The frequency with which this service is offered during the policy term may be restricted by some insurers.
  • Hotel accommodations – If necessary, the insurance provider will arrange for the automobile owner to stay at a hotel close to the shop where the vehicle is being repaired. He or she will be responsible for paying for lodging.
  • Alternative vehicle – When the insured vehicle is being repaired, the insurance provider will arrange for the car owner to utilise a substitute vehicle or taxi. Often, this service is offered to just one place.
  • Medical coordination – If the owner of the insured vehicle requires medical attention as a result of the immobilisation of the vehicle, the insurance company will make the necessary arrangements. Nonetheless, the policyholder will be responsible for paying any treatment fees and medical expenditures.
  • Relay of urgent communications – Some insurance firms help the insured contact his or her family and transmit urgent messages via conference calls.
  • Delivery of the repaired vehicle – If the policyholder is travelling, certain insurers assist in having the repaired vehicle delivered to the policyholder’s home.

The emergency occurrence can be reported to car insurance companies via SMS or phone call. A mechanic/patrol vehicle will be dispatched to the location of the vehicle as soon as the insurer is informed. The car will receive the required maintenance, after which it will either be restarted or towed to a reputable repair facility. And always make sure you renew your car insurance on time.

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.


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