Take that Thailand trip with your friends

Every year, many tourists visit Thailand to experience the vastness of its beaches, variety of food, peaceful monasteries and nightlife that never ends. Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Krabi, Koh Samui and Chiang Mai are some of the most popular destinations to visit while planning a trip to Thailand from India.

What are the best places to visit in Thailand?

With its extraordinary seashores of Koh Samui, striking landscapes in Bangkok, rich culture and infrastructural wonders in Phuket, each city in Thailand has its own interesting personality and rich history attached to it. While the list is long enough for it to be a memorable trip, let’s talk about the other side to your plan of a trip to Thailand—the financial aspect.

How much does it cost to travel to Thailand?

Thailand has, for quite some time, been quite a popular destination for many Indian tourists. The expense of visiting Thailand significantly depends upon you. Essentially, it can be exceptionally modest to visit, particularly during the low season and in the northern part. Even then, with the quality seashores and party places, Thailand is far more economical than other tourist places.

Depending on the places you want to visit, the activities you want to undertake, the number of people visiting and the duration of your stay, the minimum cost could be upwards of Rs. 30,000, excluding air fare.

How to maximise your limited budget for a Thailand trip from India?

  1. Travel during off-season: Travelling during off-season will give you the advantage of some best offers on your stay. Considering that work from home is the new normal, and with increasing post-COVID formalities, travelling during off-season will ensure you have the most authentic experience of this beautiful land.
  1. Start a vacation fund: Start saving up specially for your vacation. Prepare a strategy to build the desired amount required to cover your vacation expenses. The idea is to not use it for any other purpose.
  1. Book flights wisely: Travel booking sites don’t have a fixed fee structure. Some individual airlines work to make travel as affordable as they can for the common man. Find out the best suitable time to book a ticket, and you’re halfway through planning a vacation on a budget.
  1. Invest in mutual funds: Ranging from short-term to mid-term to long-term investment plans, there are various mutual fund schemes available to cater to the different needs of different investors. You can begin investing in mutual funds with as low as Rs. 100, with some schemes having a minimum investment amount of Rs. 500, and start building wealth to meet your goals
  1. Buy stocks: The stock market is another way to gradually save for a vacation. Look for the best stocks to buy today to indulge in intraday trading and devise strategies that benefit you the most. Such stock market investments could help you build wealth over a period and allow you the freedom of hassle-free vacation expenses.

The secret to actualising your dream trip involves proper money management habits and smart investments. Getting expert guidance could help in boosting your chances of meeting your wealth creation objective. A financial expert will curate stock and mutual fund investment plans unique to your risk tolerance, financial goals and investment horizon.

Reach out to an expert today to achieve your dream of vacationing in Thailand.

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