Summing Up All About 2nd class insurance Policy

ประกันชั้น2  are such type of insurances that usually covers road accidents, including the cars which are four years or older. But including car accidents doesn’t mean it will cover the self-accidents such as a scratch on your vehicle without the involvement of any other person. Thus, it means this kind of insurance only has benefits for professional car drivers. 

What does ประกันชั้น2 policy cover?

  • Collision with road transport- This involves incidents involving licensed road vehicles with insurance coverage up to the amount insured.
  • Covers treatment expenses- In the case of injuries to you and your companion, this also involves medical costs following an accident, helping you avoid incurring excessive hospital fees.
  • Auto Fraud – With the aid of this scheme, if you are a victim of auto theft or fraud, you are compensated for the amount insured.
  • Fire damage to the vehicle- ประกันชั้น2 even covers fire damage to the body of your vehicle up to the insured level, along with 50 percent of tire damage during the incident of fire.
  • Damage property of the aggrieved party- If you unintentionally damage the property of others like the public trees, cars, etc., then with the aid of 2nd class insurance, you can cover all of this.
  • Covers for flooding- During the heavy rainfall months, usually floods occur, except in any area you are in. So, if your vehicle causes flood damage, you will be compensated up to the amount insured.
  • Sudden death- Now, although automotive safety has advanced, car accidents are dangerous and can lead to death. Thus, in the case of death or permanent injury, ประกันชั้น2 compensates you, your companion, or any persons involved in an accident.

What is not included in ประกันชั้น2 policy?

  • Self-made accidents- ประกันชั้น2 does not cover injuries which do not include any other vehicle on the lane such as hitting a light pole or car. And you’ll need to pay costs all by yourselves even if you suffer these losses while keeping a ประกันชั้น2

Amount of money required to get ประกันชั้น2 policy.

The final amount you pay depends mainly on your car type, the insured amount picked, and your driving profile. Usually, by looking at the present value of your vehicle, the driver’s history, the amount covered, and any coverage choices you exclude, most daily insurance rates are determined. 

Sum Up

So, this is all about the ประกันชั้น2 policy. Thus, if you are a professional driver or such individual who usually travels a lot, then getting this insurance policy might prove beneficial for you.

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