Can I Change My Two Wheeler Insurance Policy Company?

Keeping your two-wheeler insured at all times is mandatory. It helps in upholding the law and protecting your financial interests from the responsibility resulting from your vehicle’s involvement in an accident.

We frequently think about moving to a different insurer or getting better coverage with the current bike insurance policy, just like any other good or service. Only a few of us know that we can change to a different insurer throughout the term of the insurance and request a reimbursement from the current one. Let’s examine each scenario to see how you might ask for a policy change.

When renewal is due

Insurance providers offer a simple online renewal process. You can renew the insurance by making an online payment with just the necessary information about the coverage; no additional paperwork is required.

Additionally, the policy is immediately accessible online for a consultation. You could also think about switching to a different 2 wheeler insurance company when the policy is up for renewal.

A current insurer may also be taken into account for improved coverage. For instance, comprehensive coverage can be added upon renewal to expand the present policy’s limited third-party liability coverage. *Standard T&C Apply.

You may also choose to change the insurance company to increase the policy’s value. Additional rider choices, like the sum promised for injury or passing away during accidents, can be considered too. The two-wheeler insurance price is another important factor for changing the insurance company.

During the policy period

You can switch to a new insurer if the features and benefits of the two-wheeler policy you currently have don’t satisfy you. But there is a catch to this. You need to cancel your current coverage and get a new one because the insurance policy is not transferable. To accomplish this, written notification of at least seven days must be given to the current insurer.

You can sign a new bike insurance policy with the desired insurer in the interim. After the new insurance company issues the cover, you must present documentary proof to cancel the previous insurance policy. If claims were filed within this time, the current insurance cannot be cancelled. The two wheeler insurance price money may be returned after deductions on a prorated basis if all requirements are met.

The considerations prior to changing a two-wheeler insurance policy

  • Compare two wheeler insurance online and understand the advantages of the current cover to the new one if you’re considering switching because of the high premium cost. It might not be practical to pay a few hundred rupees less for lesser perks.
  • Consider variables that directly influence you, such as the effectiveness of customer service, the accessibility of online tools and resources, the claim settlement percentage, and other considerations.
  • Before making a change, one should also take into account the availability of rider options to improve the value and coverage of the policy. These minor details are helpful when making a significant assertion.


There are a few things you need to bear in mind while making any changes to your 2-wheeler insurance coverage. You must conduct your due diligence and investigate any insurer you are considering switching to completely. Look at their standing in the industry, their method for resolving claims, their ratios, their track record, client testimonials, etc., before switching to a new company.

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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